A word about balloons

Friday, July 22, 2011

Source: Two More Seconds

Since the 30's toy balloons have brightened the day for many children.  I haven't met a kid that did not like balloons (except when popped). I have met a parent or two with an adverse opinion of them based on concerns for the environment. Disclaimer, I am not an environmental expert, and perhaps I have a bias in my affinity for balloons, but here is what I know. Latex balloons are 100% organic. They are a natural product made of the sap from rubber trees. The method for removing the sap is completely harmless, like removing maple sap for syrup from a maple tree. The decomposition time for a balloon is about the same as the rate of an oak leaf. So, if you prefer not to release balloons that is fine, but at least release the guilt of buying them.

You don't have to be drab to be green. Enjoy those birthday balloons! Oh, and take a peek at Two More Seconds for a cute celebration balloon wreath tutorial.

To view a Discovery video on how balloons are made click here.

For a few more bits on balloon biodegradability, rain forests, flight, sea mammals, and litter click here
or visit the balloon council for facts on balloon safety and the environment.