Saturday, November 12, 2011

credit source  Goddess Fortuna  click link for image and material 
I am often asked about the name of my shop, Bon Fortune. What does it mean? Where did the name come from? The answer is that I made it up. Bon Fortune (pronounced: Bon Fortoon) does not actually exist in any language in particular. The closest association is to the Italian, Buona Fortuna (good fortune), and the French, Bonne Chance (good luck) and Bonne Fortune (success).

The Italian version is a reference back to the mythological Roman goddess of fertility and abundance, Fortuna. Fortuna is often depicted steering our destiny and holding a cornucopia (horn of plenty) as a symbol of the great fortune she may bestow.  The painting here depicts the precarious balance Fortuna commands over lives and fortunes.

My husband and I were married in Italy and as we made our procession through Bellagio's narrow and ancient cobblestone paths, we heard the kind expressions that echoed off balconies, and doorways "Buona Fortuna!" I still hear the words as a blessing of abundance and fertility. 

Two children and several anniversaries and birthday parties later,  Bon Fortune was born of my desire to create a place filled with a cornacopia of whimsical, traditional, charming and unique celebration supplies.

As you look around this harvest season and notice cornucopias everywhere perhaps you will think of Fortuna, or my interpretation of her as a fortune fairy spilling gifts and offerings in abundance.

Consider the fickleness of fortune, and when in your favor, be thankful and celebrate your blessings.

With Gratitude,

Bon Fortune!