Cupcakes Anyone?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cupcake baking cups with crown wrap available at Bon Fortune. Cupcakes by Bottega Louie

A few weeks ago I went shopping at the LA gift market. I went with a friend Shannon, who has just opened the most wonderful floral and tabletop business, Ruby+Romeo.  We had a grand time visiting showroom after showroom looking for what others might have missed. We found a few things that I will be sharing with you soon but the one thing I discovered that I just can't wait to share is my adoration for the place we went for dinner and of course dessert, Bottega Louie.

I was enchanted by the whole of the place, it was as my friend, Shannon proclaimed, "So Bon Fortune!" In fact, it was so Bottega Louie. I was in love already with the splendor of the pastels and then I saw the cupcakes.

Adorned by a crown of gold these cupcakes are as beautiful as they are delicious. Topped off with a signature mini macaroon they are in my opinion the best of the best. Want one? Visit Bottega Louie.

By the way, Shannon was right, in a small way. Hundreds of cupcake crowns were already en route to  Bon Fortune before I actually saw them in full glory at Bottega Louie. Want some? Come visit Bon Fortune Party & Novelty Shop for the gold cupcake wrappings, and for all the other charming elements of your party visit my Party Shop open now on Amazon. My party gift boutique will be open soon.

Visit Bottega Louis for a taste of Europe right here in California. 

To purchase these gorgeous golden cups from Bon Fortune click here.