DIY Snow Globes

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Many, many years ago I became enchanted with snow globes. It never occurred to me to make one until I read a how to article by Martha. Hampered by the inability to find the cute things to put inside, I was discouraged. Mind you, the internet was not what it is now. That was 1998. Fast forward a decade or so and the article resurfaced as a "good thing" in an anniversary issue of MS Living a couple years back. By then, I was ready.

A new box full of these fun novelties just arrived at Bon Fortune last eve, so it seemed to be the right time to share this fun craft idea with you. The link to that initial DIY snow globe article is here, and your good fortune is to have a resource for all the cute little goodies right here too.

Assemble the kiddos or invite the girlfriends over for craft night. Tie a tag to the bottom with our cute twine and gift your enchanting creation, that is, if you can part with it.

Happy Holidays. Enjoy!

Set of 12 $3.95 

Set of 12 $2.95
Set of 3 $3.95
Set of 12 $3.25

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