Divine Petit Fours

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What is a petit four? A petit four is a term, rather than a recipe, for a small fancy cake, biscuit, or sweet. The baby of the cake family is of French origin. Petit four literally means a small oven, and relates to the method of baking little cakes and biscuits a petit four, or in a low temperature oven. So, really there is no precise original recipe. There are many variations and most do not require the baking of the icing in low temp as was once the method for producing the hardened , glossy finish. What we think of today as a petit four involves fondant. Preferably, poured. 

My friend Christine made poured fondant petit fours for me once. She also hosts sit down dinners for 30 and designs fabulous kitchens. No problem. 

I am not sure how ambitious you are in the kitchen but if you really want to challenge yourself to create something truly divine, here you go. 

The video below is a lovely and simplistic overview of the process. It will trick you into thinking you can make these.

For the recipe or just more eye candy go to Sprinkle Bakes. 

Bon Fortune will help you out with all the decorative flourishes, the confection cups, and maybe a pretty display plate. The rest is entirely up to you. My recommendation is to find a friend like Christine, buy her all the goodies and let her make them for you. Or, visit a patisserie with a little oven...in France.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, they make it look so easy. I didn't know what I was getting into until I started with the fondant. Not so easy but I would do it again for another special person like Gina.

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