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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vintage German Scrapbook Images

Summer hasn't had it's last days but it already feels like yesterday. Fall is crowding my mind with thoughts of things to do in a hurry to prepare my son for school. Tippy top of the list, in front of school clothes shopping and other practical matters, is the need to create a back to school cone or Shultuete. 

A Shultuete is a large decorated cone filled with sweets and treats. It is a German tradition that dates back to 1810. Legend has it that a special tree grows in the yard of each teacher. When a child is born a blossom appears on the teachers tree. As the child grows, the blossom matures to eventually become a cone. When it is a child's time to enter first grade the teacher welcomes the child by plucking the ripe cone from the special tree and presenting it to the new student. It is a right of passage and a charming beginning for children entering the 1st grade. 

In Germany, to this day the tradition continues. The first day of school is a celebration and welcome. The Shultuete either purchased or  prepared by parents are handed out at the end of the day to each new student. The children parade home with the  magnificent cones and then enjoy the goodies. 

I first discovered the idea of the school cone many years ago. Well before my child's "blossom appeared on the teacher's tree". Almost magically all those years have flown by and now the gift fairy whispers: "It is time!" The proverbial cone is ripe and so it is now time for me to craft a school cone for my kindergarden child as he transitions to the first grade. 

If it is your time too, all you need to create a school cone are a pair of scissors, tape, poster board, gift wrap. crepe or tissue, and a ribbon. Glue or tape gift wrap or colored paper to poster board. Roll the board into a cone and tape closed. Cut top to create a neat circle. Glue or tape crepe or tissue to interior of the cone about an inch or two below the top. Fill your cone with school supplies, tiny treasures and treats and then securely close with a ribbon around the tissue or crepe top. Personalize with a name, embellish with stars or stickers to create a memorable back to school gift.

by Amy Tevelthuis 
Welcome children, I'm glad you're here. 
We're all going to have a wonderful year! 
We'll draw and we'll write, 
We'll sing and we'll play, 
We'll paint and we'll build, 
And learn new things each day!

From Shultuete and the First Day of School Pdf  here .

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