Let's Get this Party Started!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Celebration Supplies: Bon Fortune
Photo: ©www.rosemagic.be

 A new blog, a new shop, and a new look. We can't wait to get the party started.  We hope you will join us in the celebration at www.bonfortune.com

DIY Snow Globes

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Many, many years ago I became enchanted with snow globes. It never occurred to me to make one until I read a how to article by Martha. Hampered by the inability to find the cute things to put inside, I was discouraged. Mind you, the internet was not what it is now. That was 1998. Fast forward a decade or so and the article resurfaced as a "good thing" in an anniversary issue of MS Living a couple years back. By then, I was ready.

A new box full of these fun novelties just arrived at Bon Fortune last eve, so it seemed to be the right time to share this fun craft idea with you. The link to that initial DIY snow globe article is here, and your good fortune is to have a resource for all the cute little goodies right here too.

Assemble the kiddos or invite the girlfriends over for craft night. Tie a tag to the bottom with our cute twine and gift your enchanting creation, that is, if you can part with it.

Happy Holidays. Enjoy!

Set of 12 $3.95 

Set of 12 $2.95
Set of 3 $3.95
Set of 12 $3.25

Ultra Fine Glitter 2 For $3.75

12 ply Bon Fortune Twine Full Spool $7.50

Count Your Blessings

Monday, November 18, 2013

Blog credit: Somewhatsimple.com

As we begin to plan our Thanksgiving feasts, thoughts turn to creating lists, recipes, table arrangements, and such. In the midst of all this planning and preparation it is all to easy to forget to do one simple, important thing. We should all count our blessings.

Go over to SOMEWHATSIMPLE.COM to download this adorable blessing tree. Create a few copies and use the provided circles or your own stickers for a lovely Thanksgiving activity.

Everlasting Balloons

Friday, October 18, 2013

Many of you already think of Bon Fortune as your resource for special balloons. Many of you also often enquire about how long they last.  Since our balloons are all 100% natural latex, the answer is that they will be at their best the day you inflate them. So, enjoy them while they last, and when your celebration is over, try this fabulous idea and make them last forever....in spirit that is.

Another inspired idea from A subtle revelry. You'll find the tutorial here.

What a treat! Happy Halloween.

Photo credit: Prokopets Studio

End of Summer Fun

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Polka Dot Birthday Cake Set Available here: www.bonfortune.etsy.com 

Amazing Quality Custom Cabana Towels Kutekiddo

Jumbo balloons with ribbon sash available here: Bon Fortune

Polka Dot Cups and Straws Available Here: Bon Fortune

Cupcakes by Violette Bake Shop Fondant Toppers by Clementines Cupcakes

Water Bottle Wrap Graphics available from Sunshine & Pop

Birthday Banner Available here: Bon Fortune PartyBon Fortune Party Shop

Graphics for Bon Fortune by Sunshine & Pop 

The Bees Knees

Friday, July 26, 2013

Cover Photo
Photo Styling by Jennifer of Milk and Honey Farm                                                                                                                                                                                               
I never really understood the expression, but always knew that it meant something good. So I looked it up and found it to mean something "excellent or outstanding". Perfect! This was exactly the expression I was looking for to describe Milk and Honey Farms. It is "the bees knees" for fabulous vintage finds, and creative decorative elements.

If you have ever wondered where we get the cool trailers and props for many of our photo shoots and parties, this is our secret. We are willing to share only because it is just to good of a find to keep all to ourselves. Besides, we are really excited that they have just launched their new website. So spread the word about Milk and Honey Farm for amazing props, rentals, coordination and styling services. Take a peek at it here and bookmark it. You will want to add it to your blog roll, and keep Jennifer's services in mind for your Bonne Fete's and styled photo shoots. Truly, the cats pajamas! 

Strong Man Carnival

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Strong Man Carnival Party Dessert Table
As Featured on Amy Atlas.

There are so many wonderful ideas that can be incorporated into a theme such as a carnival party. The key is to pick one element and emphasize it. Our inspiration for this carnival was The Great Alberto canvas shown below. The idea of a strong man theme resonated as the party was intended as a celebration of strength, determination & progress.

The youngest birthday boy, Ryan age 4 has been challenged with a neurological disorder known as Apraxia. This disorder affects the muscles that relate to speech. Since before the age of 2 Ryan has been in therapy to improve this neuro- muscular challenge. Now at the age of 4, his speech communication progress is miraculous in great part thanks to his own strength of character and tenacity and the good work of his dedicated speech therapists. As a way to give thanks to the speech program that Ryan so greatly benefits from,  the brothers Jack 8, and Ryan 4, agreed to share a big birthday party and in lieu of gifts, asked guests to make a donation directly to the non profit Speech Program (see invitation).

Many Bon Fortune friends and vendors participated to create a unique and fun carnival experience for all.  The boys uncle Ben, was an extraordinary DJ, spinning vintage vinyl calliope and carnival music from the barn loft. A gypsy wagon awaited adventurous children and told of fabulous good fortunes. The Great Alberto served as the backdrop to an inflatable set of barbells that made each child feel extraordinarily strong.  A photo booth backdrop & banner was set up by Whitney Hartmann Photography and guests were treated to a picture party favor donning hats and clown noses.

A happy clown twisted balloon animals, and put on a magical performance beside the charming child's tent.  Kids meandered through the farm and played old fashioned carnival games, earned prizes and enjoyed carnival fare, such as popcorn, peanuts, corn dogs, hot dogs, fresh lemonade and sweet treats by the jar full.  Both children and parents alike had a unique party experience and left with a bag full of goodies, balloons, and custom Strong Man theme cookies by Tiffany of Baked Perfection and the sweetest cupcakes from Violette Bake Shop.

Thanks to Shannon from To you From me for her styling services and gift of floral. and Jennifer Housh of Events by Milk & Honey Farms for all the amazing vintage props and trailer.  A special thanks to our charming gypsy, Chloe, and her band of friendly & lovely helpers. And thanks to Auntie Christine & Mike for the pink popcorn delivery and helium balloon duty, and Grandpa Tom for creating the ticket booth that will likely be reincarnated as an ice cream stand for a blog post this summer.  It was truly an affair of the heart for family and friends and Clarrisa Koenig photography captured many of the images here, along with Whitney from Whitney Hartmann Photography and we are so fortunate to be able to share these fabulous images and ideas with you.
Thank you to all. ~ Gina, Bon Fortune.
The Great Alberto from The Tent Merchant
Top Hat Novelties from Bon Fortune and Cookies by Baked Perfection 
Vintage Rentals, Props & Styling Services Courtesy Milk & Honey Farms 
We see amazing parties in your future. 

Custom Invitations by Brightside Prints                               

Old Fashioned Carnival Games!

Muslin Gift Bags from Bon Fortune 
Prizes and Favors

Children's Carnival Tent from The Tent Merchant

Pre Packaged Cotton Candy & Peanuts. Bags & Bows from Bon Fortune

Cupcakes by Violette Bakeshop in Golden Cups from Bon Fortune

Parasols & Paper Straws in every color at Bon Fortune

Lovely Floral & Table Top Styling by To You From Me

Cookies by Baked Perfection
Pickle bags from Bon Fortune
Milk & Honey Farms for Vintage Props

Corn Dog Bags & Wooden Utensils From Bon Fortune
"Make a Wish" Mobile from Bon Fortune
Carnival Balloons available at Bon Fortune
Custom Keepsake Clothes Pins graciously donated by Etched in Time LLC

Photography by Whitney Hartmann Photography & Clarissa Koenig Photography.

Party coordinator, stylist, favors and party supplies: Bon Fortune
Cupcakes and cake: Violette Bakeshop
Cookies: Baked Perfection
Floral Tabletop:  To You From Me
Props Rental & Styling Services: Milk & Honey Farm Trailer
Custom Clothes Pins: Etched in Time LLC
Invitations & Graphics: Brightside Prints
Carnival Tent & Strong Man Canvas: Tent Merchant